Give Examples of Jobs That You Believe Rate Highly on the Five Core Job Characteristics and Explain Why.

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Respond to the following:
Give examples of jobs that you believe rate highly on the five core job characteristics and explain why. During my research I feel that teachers rate highly on the five core job characteristics. Skill Variety: This means there is a perceived variety and complexity of skills and talents required to perform the job. * A teacher motivated by Skill Variety may say something like this: "People don't understand what I do. They think I just grade homework, give tests, and enter grades." Task Identity: Which means the teacher perceives her work's place in the district's larger plan. * A teacher motivated by task identity may make comments like this: "I work in a good school district. Our students graduate with a solid education." Task Significance: The job is perceived to affect the well-being of others. * Teachers know that their work is important, but it doesn't hurt to have others agree occasionally. The teacher with the "If you can read this, thank a teacher," bumper sticker on his car is motivated by Task Significance. Autonomy: The teacher perceives an opportunity to employ personal initiative in order to do the work. * In an era when laws, standards, and political agendas dictate what needs to happen in the classroom, teachers feel less control over what they can do. The teacher motivated by autonomy may exclaim, "I am a professional. I know what it takes to do my job." Feedback from the Job: The teacher feels that he gets accurate information about his job performance. * Everyone likes a job well done. A teacher who is motivated by feedback will talk about student performance saying things like, "Look at how well my students are doing.

Respond to the following:

Describe considerations for Sportsman's human resource management practices following its shift in competitive strategy. The HRM practices will help support the company's competitive strategy. Sportman's is trying to sale the shoes at a lower cost compared...
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