Give and Take

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As we grow older, we change; either for the better or, unfortunately, for the worse. In either ways, people around us play a huge factor in directing our character's changes. You might live a lifetime, influenced by the environment and all the people around you, and not even realize that they are the reason behind changes in your personality. It is simply amazing how everything around us shapes and carves us as characters. One person can make a huge difference in your life, whereas ten people all together might never change you.

The way I see it, my parents are the most responsible people for most of my good character, especially for me being a responsible, independent young woman. Being the eldest between my sisters and brother, I have always been the one who my parents would always depend on, and who they would trust to do whichever household tasks were necessary; making certain my sisters did their homework, sleeping on time, revising for exams, etc. As a young woman, it is very important to be responsible, because when being responsible people will trust and rely on you more often. For instance, when I was younger I have always wanted to go out with my friends alone without any chaperons. My mother used to refuse to let me out on my own. Lately, that she has allowed me to do that. The reason behind her acceptance was because I have proved to my parents many times that I could take care of myself and whomever is with me, especially my younger sisters.

In addition, my ambitious and optimistic nature is one of my most important characteristics. Thinking positively and never giving up on things and people no matter, is something I have tried to do in all situations. I honestly do not know the motive behind this. Maybe it is because my parents have always encouraged, told me to never give up, to always believe in myself and if I wanted and worked hard enough, I could accomplish anything.

There is something else I have and which I cannot take credit for...
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