Give an Account of Mr. Wickham's Opinions of Mr. Darcy and How It Lead to the Deepening of Elizabeth's Prejudice Against Him.

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Give an account of Mr. Wickham’s opinions of Mr. Darcy and how it lead to the deepening of Elizabeth’s prejudice against him.

At Mrs. Phillip’s party Mr. Wickham was the happy man towards whom almost all female eye was turned. Elizabeth was the happy recipient of his attention. Elizabeth had been very curious about the very cold manner of Mr. Wickham’s meeting with Mr. Darcy but had been too shy to ask Mr. Wickham about it. Surprisingly, Mr. Wickham readily recounted his and Mr. Darcy’s shared past. Apparently, they had known each since their childhood and he had been a favourite of the late Mr. Darcy. As his godfather, the late Mr. Darcy had bequeathed him a post in the rectory. The next time it should be vacated. But since there was just an informality in the term of the bequest and the present Mr. Darcy had chosen to treat it as a merely conditioned recommendation and had asserted that Mr. Wickham had forfeited all claim to it by extravagance , imprudence, in short anything or nothing. Mr. Wickham indignantly recalled that he had done nothing except maybe speaking his opinion of him, and to him, too freely. Elizabeth having an already bad impression of Mr. Darcy readily believed this tale of scandalous behavior towards Mr. Wickham but she wondered at the motive that can have induced him to behave so cruelly. Mr. Wickham attributed Mr. Darcy’s actions to a thorough, determined dislike of me which owed some parts to jealousy because of the late Mr. Darcy’s regard for him. Elizabeth was surprised at the extent of Mr. Darcy’s malicious revenge but remembered a conversation at Netherfield when he confessed to the implacability of his resentments. She wondered that Mr. Darcy would have been too proud to be dishonest. Mr. Wickham claimed that his dislike and jealousy of him were stronger impulses even than pride....
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