Giuseppe Garibaldi

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Giuseppe Garibaldi was a major Italian military and political figure. He has been dubbed the "Hero of the Two Worlds" in tribute to his military expeditions in both South America and Europe. He was the key military figure in the creation of the kingdom of Italy. He was an unflagging foe of all tyranny, and he devoted his life to fighting oppression. He is considered an Italian national hero.

Garibaldi's popularity, his skill at rousing the common people, and his military exploits are all credited with making the unification of Italy possible. He also served as a global exemplar of mid-19th century revolutionary nationalism and liberalism. But following the liberation of southern Italy from the Neapolitan monarchy, Garibaldi chose to sacrifice his liberal republican principles for the sake of unification.

Garibaldi was born in Nice, France, on July 4th, 1807 & later died on June 2nd, 1882. Garibaldi's family was involved in coastal trade, and he was reared to a life on the sea.

A very influential day in Garibaldi's life came while visiting Russia, in April of 1833, In a seaport inn, he met Giovanni Battista Cuneo, a political immigrant from Italy and member of the secret movement La Giovine Italia ("Young Italy"), founded by Giuseppe Mazzini, an impassioned proponent of Italian unification as a liberal republic through political and social reforms. Garibaldi joined the society, and took an oath of dedicating his life to struggle for liberation of his homeland from Austrian dominance.

During this time Giuseppe Mazzini was one of the most popular patriots, philosophers & politicians of Italy. And in Italy, on November 5th, 1833, Garibaldi met Mazzini himself, starting a relationship which later would become rather troublesome. He joined the (CRA) Carbonari Revolutionary Association. In February 1834 he participated in a failed Mazzinian insurrection in Piedmont, Italy, and Giuseppe Garibaldi was sentenced to death by an Italian...
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