Gitanjali (Book Review)

Topics: Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali literature, Poetry Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: January 11, 2011
About the author and the book: 250 Words
Review of the book: 350 Words
About the author & the book
While most of us, even professional writers write long novels, poems etc. where no page perhaps has the quality to make reading a pleasure but are successful in completing a general design which is collectively heartening to read. But Tagore, much like our civilization itself, has been constant to discover soul and surrender to spontaneity. Even those who haven’t had the privilege to meet him can sum up his personality from a look into his amazing masterpieces in the purest form of literature. No wonder he had a special perquisite to receive the coveted Nobel Prize and an honoury knighthood which he rejected keeping the Jalliawala bagh massacre in mind. Nobel prize winning book ‘GITANJALI’ was among his finest works head and shoulders above its compatriots. What made me read this book was its slenderness and that it was uncluttered with mythologies. One probably doesn’t require any beforehand preparations to read this, only can learn those beautiful barrage of words. Gitanjali as a matter of fact is collection of 3 Bengali volumes-Naibedya, Kheya and Gitanjali. I might be opposed in my views but some prose just merrily diver our minds and turn out to be quite amusing at the end. This could have been done to fill the narrow cup that the greedy publisher extended to him. Nevertheless majority of the poems are filled with human love along with the existing divine blessing, thing so synonymous with Gurudev Tagore. Brief summary of some of his poems

Some of his poems i.e. 51 and31 are a mysterious piece which speaks of warriors, armours and arrows which is quite incongruous and perhaps could only be done to enlarge this volume. The polytheism in poem 78, evident not real polytheism was a pleasant surprise to me initially. Coming into the heart of this book having separated itself from surrounding pieces, I find many metaphysical verses apart...
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