Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Topics: Intoxication, Alcohol intoxication, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Katelin Griffith
English 110
Essay #3 Week 2

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

We all have moments in our lives that we are not too proud of. Looking back on my own life there are a few moments that were embarrassing, but I would not change them for the world. That being said, there is one day that was surely going to be remembered forever because consuming several alcoholic beverages before a school field trip is an unforgettable moment of stupidity. To begin, it was my last month of school and our physics class was finally winding down. We only had a few days of review standing between my peers, myself, and the dreaded state test. We had worked hard all year, and quite a few of us were convinced that we were going to fail this test anyway so there was no point in putting forth any more effort. Then, to our surprise our teacher told us that we would have the opportunity to go to laser tag if we all scored over a 75% on our final exam. Our teacher claimed that laser tag was going to be a great educational outing, and justified it by discussing the refraction of light, and how the laser of the gun passes through two different mediums. However, the only thing we got from this conversation was that we were going on a field trip, and playing laser tag.

It was the day before the trip and we were all really excited that we could get out and have some fun because as everyone knows the end of the school year can’t come fast enough. There were about 17 of us who had gotten permission, and we were all planning on going. Then, unfortunately for us one of my classmates had the brilliant idea to drink vodka before we go into school the next day. He said he had a friend that could purchase the alcohol, and if we all pitched in five dollars we could get a big enough bottle to get us all drunk. We all agreed and gave him the money. The big day had arrived and we were ready to go. There was vodka in our water bottles, and...
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