Girls Education in Pakistan

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Education is a key factor behind nation’s development. Education can be divided into two types;

1. Formal education,

2. Informal education.

Formal education is provided in proper institution at different stages according to a person’s age. It is provided in schools, colleges and universities. A man can get informal education not through any proper institution but he learns without such institution. Importance of education can never be denied. If we study history than can observe that educated nation build their name and we study their masterworks even today. Books written by Bu Ali Siena have placed in libraries of European medical colleges even today and his books remained the part of medical syllabus of European medical colleges. In the history as we study that those nations were economically strong which were more educated even most cruel ruler Halaku Khan had brought Nasir Ud Din Tusi was renowned scientist and scholar of that time. Education is as old as human civilization. Man directly or indirectly was in process to get education since many past years. Although the mode of education was informal in those days, there were no schools colleges at that time. But Muhammad PBUH motivated the public towards education. He asked every Muslim to acquire knowledge even if you have to go to china. It has been our bad luck that in spite of being Muslim we have forgotten the teachings of Islam and with low literacy rate as compared to other nations of the world.

When we talk about education than it should also be kept in mind that along with men female’s education is equally important and without it the goals cannot be achieved. Females are big portion of population and if this big portion remained illiterate, it means that a large portion of population remains illiterate and uneducated.

A clear fact is this that, till major...
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