Girls and Physical Education: Keetmanshoop, Namibia

Topics: School, Physical education, Primary education Pages: 24 (6933 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Physical Education & Sport in Schools



1 Introduction

2 Background and History
2.1 St. Matthias Primary School
2.2 Physical Education in Namibia

3 Theoretical Perspectives and Methodology
3.1 Physical Education
3.2 Girls and Physical Education

4 Methodology, empirical work and analysis.
4.1 Pros and Cons
4.2 Empirical Research
4.3 Analyzed data

5 Discussion and Conclusion
5.1 Physical Education
5.2 Girls and Physical Education
5.3 Conclusion







1. Introduction

In this assignment I will look at Physical Education at St. Matthias Primary School, Keetmanshoop Namibia. My assignment is based on the 5th topic “Physical Education (P.E.) & sport in schools”. The reasons why I chose to focus on Physical Education and Sport in Schools is because of my close relationship to St. Matthias PE and their School Sport and my interest in school sport, physical education has been recognized to have a possible positive impact on education and child development, if it is done within certain regulations. Sport is a part of a development field in growth, when we talk about sport and development we talk about using sport to increase and promote participation in sport, development in sport and in other areas. According to Levermore (2008) sport is especially powerful through its ability to draw people’s attention and interest. This ensures that information on different critical issues reach their targets. “Through participation in sports, both physical and mental health improves, and might lead to a more healthy living. Sports might give individuals in local communities better self esteem, leaderships skills, fair competition and they learn how work as a team and to respect each other. (Levermore 2008). Sport is also used to build and strengthen infrastructure in developing countries. “We talk about sport for health, sport for empowerment, sport for peace and reconciliation, for equal rights between man and woman, sport for economic growth and to use the media effect that sport has, to reach out cross border to communicate to/and mobilize many people.” (UN Resolution 58/5. 2003).

Sport for children in Namibia is mostly build around the school sport, they have different semesters for different sport codes. Each class at all schools in Namibia are supposed to have at least 40 minutes of Physical Education each week (Mr. Cloete). In Keetmanshoop most of the schools have one teacher for girls in PE and one teacher for boys. For the school I worked in they used to have one teacher for each gender. In the new school year of 2011 it was decided, because of lack in staff members, that the learners would have one teacher taking care of all the PE classes from 5th grade until grade 7.

Since the learners at St.Mathias have had the experience of having Physical Education both separate boys and girls, and together. I figured that they (the learners) would have a perception and also a idea of how it is to have PE separate and how it is to have it together boys and girls.

The assignment is build up on research at St. Matthias Primary School, more specifically at boys and girls perception of PE and the importance of PE, my main focus has been girls participating in PE, attitudes towards girls participating in PE and girls having the same rights as boys in Physical Education. In my research 16 learners at St. Matthias have answered a questioner with two separate parts. In the first part I look at Physical Education in general. In the second part the learners had to agree or disagree to different statements around sport and girls participation in sport. The learners are at their last year of primary, the selection was done together with the teachers that knew the kids very well. Together with the teacher we selected a wide range of learners from the ones that enjoys PE, to the ones that...
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