Girl Scout Murders

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Case Outline

Date: June 12, 1977
Location: Girl Scout Camp Scott. Kiown Section, located at the western most end of the 410 acre property. This location may have been chosen because of it's remoteness. The closest tent to the crime scene was 75 feet away, the nearest consoler tent was 100 yards away. The Victims:

Michele Heather Guse Age 9
Doris Denise Milner Age 10
Lori Lee Farmer Age 8

Events Leading Up To The Crime

Strange events were talking place around Camp Scott leading up to the murders. A man's effigy was found hanging from a tree by it's neck, personal items were disappearing from tents. The most interesting event was the discovery of a note in April, it read "we are on a mission to kill 3 girls in tent 1". The note was considered a prank and never given to police.

The crime

A storm had hit and area around 6pm causing heavy rain. Because of the weather the campers were sent back to their tents.
Approximately 1:30AM moaning was heard near Kiowa. Carla a camp consoler checked out the nosie and described it as a low guttural moaning. It would stop whenever the beam of her flashlight came near. Carla was standing at the intersection of the trail, 150 yards from tent 8 and a dirt road leading to the main camp.

Approximately 2AM the tent flap of #7 was opened. 3 of the girls inside were sleeping. The 4th girl stated that she noticed a beam of light moving about the interior from outside, with the silhouette of a large figure behind it. The figure moved off toward tent # 8. Moaning sounds were heard throughout the night. Not just by those in the Kiowa section but in 4 other units of the camp.

Approximately 3AM a girl in the Cherokee section across the woods heard a scream come from the direction of Kiowa about 2 city blocks away. A girl in Quapaw also heard a scream. The scream seemed to be momma. momma.

The girl thought it may have been the voice of Lori Farmer
Approximately 6AM Carla found sleeping bags under a tree near the intersection in a pile.

The Bodies

Doris Milner was found nude from the waist down, her PJ top was pulled up underneath her arms. Her hands had been tied behind her back with duct tape and she had been beaten about the face.
Around her neck a cord and an elastic bandage were visible. A round cylinder shaped object about 4 inches long made of terrycloth was attached to the cord. The elastic bandage had been used as a blindfold, the terrycloth object as a gag.

Michele Heather Guse and Lori Farmer were found inside their sleeping bags. Both bodies had been bound into a tight compact fetal like position.


Guse and Farmer's sleeping bags contained bloody bed sheets that had been used by the killer to wipe down the blood found on the wood floor of the tent. Also found a roll of black duct tape and a flashlight the murder had discarded.

Jack Shroff was the owner of a farm 2 miles west of Camp Scott, his house had been broken into some of the items taken were a sash cord, a roll of duct tape, 3 bottles of beer and 3 identical crow bars. The beer bottles were later found empty on the camp grounds.

Outside shroff's door a jungle boot style print was found. It matched other boot prints found near the crime scene.
An other print had been found on the blood soaked floor of tent 8 Boot Print Size 10
Shoe Print(possible tennis shoe) size 7

Cause of Death:

Guse and Farmer were killed inside the tent. Struck by a heavy blunt object in the back of their heads while they slept.
Milner may have been led out of the tent, raped then killed. When found her face had been beaten with such force that the object responsible had left behind its shape. She had died on the trial. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma not strangulation.

At autopsy it was revealed that 2 different types of knots had reportedly been used, head wounds on 2 of the victims indicated 2 different blunt instruments.


Physical evidence left...
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