Girl Interrupted

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Personality disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 6 (2484 words) Published: March 26, 2011
April 10th, 1969
I. Identifying Information
The client Susanna Kaysen is a nineteen year old Caucasian woman who was born on November 11, 1948 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She still currently resides in Cambridge at 17 Burlingham Road alone in a one bedroom apartment. She recently moved out on her own after being released from The Claymoore Mental Institution. The patient’s home phone number is (617) 234-0998. Currently Ms. Kaysen is a single woman and is not in any significant romantic relationship.Ms. Kaysen’s parents Carl and Annette Kaysen are still actively involved in her life. II. Referral Source

The client has come to ABA Clinic for Mental Health Services as a self-referral. She stated she learned of our agency through her family psychiatrist and was seeking continuous outpatient therapy. Being as though Ms. Kaysen was a self-referral we did not receive any anticipatory information regarding her case; however, the agency was able to have her records from the Claymoore Mental Institution sent over for review. At Claymoore Ms. Kaysen was being treated for depression and had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. III. Client’s Presenting Problem/Want/Need; Client’s Initial Expectation of Agency The client has come seeking psychotherapy from our agency as a stepping stone to the road of recovery. She recently spent 18months at Claymoore where she was coming to terms with her diagnosis and understanding her disease. She is currently seeing the Institution’s therapist Dr. Wick twice a week, yet Ms. Kaysen feels she has grown all she can with Dr. Wick. She stated that due to the fact that Dr. Wick mainly performs inpatient therapy she would feel more comfortable advancing her therapy with a third person who sees her condition from an outside point of view. Dr. Wick in Ms. Kaysen’s opinion helped her understand the underlying stimulus which ignites her Borderline Personality Disorder. Now, her main focus is finding a psychotherapist who will understand her ambivalence and splitting decisions and guide Ms. Kaysen on how to productively function within society and beyond the grounds walls of the women’s ward at Claymoore. IV. History of the Problem/Want/Need

As stated above Ms. Kaysen was recently released from the Claymoore Mental Institution where she spent the last eighteen months. Ms. Kaysen was voluntary admitted at the age of eighteen as a result of a family intervention after she attempted suicide by allegedly chasing a bottle of aspirin with a bottle of vodka. Ms. Kaysen states she became depressed during her high school years. She was an outsider with not many friends and although she was determined to be a writer, she had no plans of attending college after her high school graduation in 1967. She stated remembering that her only wish was to not be like her mother, a college educated woman who was a homemaker. Ms. Kaysen believes her depression stems from her unclear path of what she wants to do with her life. She was once fascinated and intrigued by death, dying and suicide and while she attempted suicide once she was often rather careless with her body and was quite promiscuous with men. She comes from a wealthy suburban family yet has little communication and interaction with her family because she feels disconnected from them and cannot relate, being as though she has chosen not to live up to their standards. Although Ms. Kaysen did not have the closest relationship with her parents they tried their best to be supportive; maybe not exactly supportive of her diagnosis and behavior but of her treatment. They did decide to intervene after her suicide attempt and during her stay at the institution they often phoned, visited and even participated in family therapy sessions. According to Ms. Kaysen these sessions weren’t exactly productive for two reasons. For one her parents were in denial about the likelihood of her condition being remotely hereditary. It is five times more likely...
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