Girl Culture

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English+ assignment: Girl culture

In a hundred years a lot can change. Take a look at young women , or as we call it : girl culture. Threw time society changed and girls were exposed to a lot of commercial forces and media. However this exposure wasn’t without consequences. When we look back in time the differences in girl culture are remarkable.

In 1900 family, school and community shaped a girls’ mindset. However a hundred years later this doesn’t apply anymore. They made place for commercial forces and the media.

As a consequence mothers took an other role in their daughters’ life’s. They went from comforters and mentors to fashion models and shopping companions. Furthermore the relationship between them changed. Mothers are now considered to be friends and equals.

Nowadays girls like to go shopping with friends and pay a lot of attention to their appearance. This also means that they fill their spare time with beauty-activities like waxing and tanning. Whereas in 1900 girls were occupied with sewing, reading, drawing and playing with their dolls.

The hobbies that girls practise are in function of their idea of perfection. This applies to girls from 1900 as well as for girls of modern times. So in 1900 the knitting and sewing contributed to their purpose of becoming a good worker. As for their reading and praying did to their idea of becoming a better person. All the same for girls in modern times who go waxing and tanning to meet to their idea of perfection, which is having good looks and a perfect body.

The parents and the schools used to be the main source of authority for the girls in 1900. Later on it became peers and friends.

Today girls are typified as superficial, anxious, narcissistic and insecure. While in 1900 girls stood for purity, innocence and ambition.

You can’t deny the differences between girls of today and girls of 1900. At first sight it looks like girls received more liberty threw time. Nevertheless this is a...
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