Giraffe Essay

Topics: Lion, Giraffe, Mammal Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Today, not many people know much about giraffes; these animals live a very interesting life since the day that they’re born. Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth. They eat about 100 pounds of leaves and fruits from trees everyday. These animals have a calm and easy going life. That is why if I had to choose to be any animal on Earth, it has to be a giraffe because the live calm and easy lives, they don’t have to worry about being prey to other animals, and they don’t have to sleep much. The life of a giraffe seems to be very easygoing and calm. They usually live in loose free herds in which they can roam freely searching for food or water. Most of their time is spent feeding on leaves and fruits, how wonderful not having to worry about anything else! It’s easy for them to find food because there are tall animals, unlike zebras and other grazing animal that have to reach for what they can from trees and bushes. Also imagine not having to worry about drinking water? They can go several days without water because they get water from leaves and fruits they eat. This leads to the predators of a giraffe. They don’t have to worry about being prey to other animals. You may be thinking life must not be that easy for a giraffe, but it surely is! Although there are sometimes where a lion, leopard, or hyena gets lucky and hunts down a giraffe, it’s a very hard task to come upon. Giraffes are very gentle, but sure know how to cause serious injury on any predator with their front hooves. According to data, the mortality rate for adults is very low – around 3% — while for more vulnerable baby giraffes, aged six months or less, the mortality rate is almost 50%. Life as a giraffe must be great because you can defend yourself in situations, like being hunted. Therefore, many predators hunt giraffes while their sleeping, but it rarely ever happens because giraffe don’t sleep much. It has been said that giraffes have short sleeping periods. Not having to sleep as many hours as...
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