Gipsy Hypnosis

Topics: Gypsy, Gypsy: A Musical Fable, Hypnosis Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Gipsy hypnosis

Every year, hundreds of Russians report that they have been hypnotized out of their money by gipsies.
The essence of the technique is form replaces content. Our brain is built so it can process only a piece of information over a certain period of time…. In cases where the flow of information is too powerful and fast, or on the other hand, too slow … the brain slows down, and the person's level of vigilance (бдительность) drops. For example, when a professor talks too fast, you listen to his words, and you think, 'I'll just catch the thread of thoughts, and won't worry about the details.' Obviously, when a professor is very slow and boring, you already know what he's trying to tell you, but he just keeps repeating it so you enter a kind of hypnotic state. Gipsy hypnosis is based on the same things. A person's brain is just loaded with too much information. This process can be divided into several parts:

1. Attracting attention.
The only thing that needs to be done in the first part is to draw attention to themselves. It's enough to ask anyone quite innocent question "What time?" Or “how to get to the subway station?” When the victim even for a second draws attention to it, he or she is immediately engaged in a complex and carefully crafted play, and the second stage - making a contact. 2. Making contact with a potential victim for a particular scenario. The gypsies have in their arsenal enough methods to "break" into the subconscious of a potential victim. The reactions of fear or surprise leads to the fact (приводит к тому) that a person stops thinking critically. The person can’t control behavior. Therefore gipsy enough to scare, or to win over (втереться в доверие) the future victim. 3. Then gypsies work with the subconscious using intense stares, monotonous and mesmerizing words and warnings of curses on their loved ones. 4. The deepening of the trance state.

5. The achievement of the goals.
How to protect against gypsy...
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