Giordano & Its Branding

Topics: Retailing, Marketing, Brand Pages: 11 (3141 words) Published: September 26, 2008
1. Executive Summary
The Hong Kong apparel manufacturer and retailer Giordano was chosen by the author for this report. This report discussed the orientation that the company exhibited toward the market place. And the major competitive issues facing by Giordano including the nature and level of competition, branding strategies, marketing mix, segmenting, targeting and positioning issues relating to Giordano.

2. Introduction
Company Background
Giordano, International Limited is a Hong Kong retailer of men's, women's and children's quality apparel. It was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lai. As of 1996, Jimmy Lai no longer owns the company. Its current Chairman and CEO since 1996 is Peter Lau Kwok Kwen, a Chinese-Canadian. The company has its own apparel manufacturing division where many of its own clothing styles are produced. Giordano is also prominence for its basic and practical men's, women's, and children's T-shirts and trousers, especially denims. Corporate Vision: To be the best and biggest World Brand in apparel retailing. Corporate Mission: To make people “feel good” and “look great”. Corporate Slogan: “World Without Strangers”

Corporate Values:
Quality: Doing things right
Knowledge: Updating expertise and sharing knowledge continuously •Innovation: Thinking "outside the box"
Simplicity: Less is More
Service: Exceeding customer’s expectations
By focusing persistently on its five corporate business values (Quality, Knowledge, Innovation, Service, and Simplicity), Giordano has become a pioneer of customer service in the Asia-Pacific region and, as of January 2008, currently employs more than 11,000 people and operates 1800 retail stores worldwide in 40 countries which include Greater China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, India and the Middle East. Giordano was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 1991. The company’s steady commitment to deliver excellent customer service and super value and quality apparel has served it well for over 20 years, and it will maintain these principles as its continues to grow.

Different Brands of Giordano Group
Giordano International Limited is a leading international retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel under the brand names “Giordano”, “Giordano Ladies”, “Giordano Concepts”, “Giordano Junior” and “Bluestar Exchange”. However, only one product line could be chosen for this report, the product line chosen by the author was Giordano. (Please see Appendix 1 for other product lines of Giordano Group)

Product Line Chosen - Giordano
Giordano specializes in merchandising economic quality clothes ranging from T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts and denim jeans. The brand's goal is to be appealing to the everyday shopper, anywhere at anytime. The brand boasts seasonal exclusive and innovative casual styles in many colours. Along with seasonal launches, the brand also gives customers access to basic and simple unisex tees and polos as well as a large range of bottoms in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen and denim. The brand was the company's first and consequently possesses a more extensive worldwide network of stores than any other Giordano brand.

3. Code Concepts of Marketing
Branding Strategy
Giordano has become a symbol of the contemporary lifestyle choices – simplicity and quality in substance. It executed multi-brand strategy in order to provide greater service, outstanding quality and value to their customers. In this strategy, the company has more than one brand of product, competing with each other in a given market. Multi-brand strategy does have some advantages: •Obtaining greater shelf space and respond to consumer demand for something new. •Saturating a market by filling all price and quality gaps •Catering to brand-switchers — users who like to experiment with different brands •Keeping the firm's managers on their toes by generating internal competition. Giordano has...
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