Giordano International Limited Analysis

Topics: Customer service, East Asia, Marketing Pages: 5 (1674 words) Published: April 19, 2009
Background of Giordano International Limited
“The improved communication from Share Point and Outlook allows us to make better product allocations between markets, which has helped Giordano raise the average selling price on our items and increase gross profit.” Cody Chan, Regional Merchandising Lead, Giordano. Giordano, International Limited is a retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s quality apparel, accessories and supplying products to third parties, founded at 1981 by Jimmy Lai in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Giordano has become a pioneer of customer service in the Asia-Pacific region and, as of January 2008, currently employs more that 11,400 people and operates 1800 stores worldwide in 40 countries.The company is Asia-Pacific’s most successful retailer and sells its name under the brands of “Giordano”, “Giordano Concepts”, “Giordano Junior” and “Giordano Ladies”. Giordano has been publicly listed since 1991 and since then trades on the Hong Kong stock exchange under the ticker symbol.Giordano’s success is measured by the company’s relentless focus on its five corporate business values of quality, knowledge, innovation, simplicity and service. The company has its own apparel manufacturing division where many of its own clothing styles are produced. Giordano is also renowned for its basic and practical men’s, women’s, and children’s T-shirts and trousers, especially denims. In comparison, Giordano is very similar to the American based popular retailer The Gap. Giordano’s Vision is “To be the best and the biggest world brand in apparel retailing.” When the Mission is “To make people “feel good” & “look great“.[1] Analysis

' ' ' Firstly, how, if at all, should Giordano reposition itself against its competitors in its existing and new market? Would it be necessary to follow different positioning strategies for different market (e.g. Hong Kong versus South East Asia)? Answer: According to Osama Taha- “A positioning strategy results in the image you want to draw in the mind of your customers, the picture you want him/her to visualize of what you offer, in relation to the market situation, and any competition you may have”.[2] Giordano’s current positioning strategy is based on providing “value-for-money merchandise of discounted casual unisex apparel”. Giordano repositioned its brand to focus on value-added products and broadening it appeal by improving on visual merchandising and apparel. The company also emphasized on the merchandise that is relatively mid-priced which means “inexpensive yet contemporary and trendy”, and offers quality, value and excellent customer services. Now the fact is whether or not Giordano should reposition itself against its competitors in its current and new markets. Repositioning is not necessary for the entire company because Giordano’s relatively mid-priced positioning worked well: “the inexpensive yet trendy” clothing appealed to Asia’s frugal customers, especially during the Asian economic crisis. However, with the Asian economy booming, customers now have more disposable income and spending power. Thus, Giordano could find it worthwhile to alter their brand image into a more high-value, high-quality and therefore higher price market.

This could mean primarily repositioning Giordano as a higher priced and higher value brand. Giordano must continue to be creative in their promotions. Perhaps they should spend more on traditional advertising, as they spend less on advertising and promotion than close competitors. A spokesperson, McCann- Erickson, in his one comment about Giordano was that it was a “good brand but not a great one. Compared to other international brands, it doesn’t shape opinion”. A competitor of Giordano is Esprit. They are seen as more upmarket than Giordano, whilst being stylish and trendy. However, Esprit promoted a “lifestyle” image, even though it is positioned similarly to Giordano. So, Giordano could re-launch its image, to be more stylish and thus promoting a...
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