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{text:bookmark-start} Executive summary {text:bookmark-end} In summary, this report starts with the introduction of the Giordano Company. It includes a brief history of the company and their current operations and the positioning of the company in the apparel industry. Under the company’s profile, there is also the vision and mission statement of Giordano. Firstly, I have identified 8-core brand values of Giordano, such as value for money, excellence in service and etc. A brand mental map is also attached to give illustration Secondly, the Point of Parity (POPs) and Point of Difference (POD) will be discussed. In the POPs, there are current positioning of value-of-money, type of media used to create awareness and its business concepts. On the other hand, under POD, I have identified Giordano’s unique model, the company’s commitment in terms of providing quality products and services to the customer, and also its fully integrated programmes to create, communicate & deliver values for the customers etc. detailed explanations will be given to support the reason why I identify these factors repetitively. Thirdly, are the reviews of 4 different brand element of Giordano that I have identified as trademark device that serve to identify and differentiate the brand. The 4 brand elements are Logo, Url, Slogan and Brand name. Next will be what the company does to increase its brand awareness & image. Lastly, will be the discussion on the brand challenges and brand opportunities of Giordano. Brand opportunities such as starting a new market segment of selling sport apparel and also setting up new business market in developing countries. While challenges will be the difficulties in shifting to a higher end positioning or a branded brand from low-end value-for-money positioning. Next the changing of consumers taste and preferences in Singapore seemed to be another challenge for the company as it may lead to a switch in retailer or switch in brand selection. {text:bookmark-start} Company Background {text:bookmark-end} Established in 1981, Giordano first retailed in Hong Kong as a shop that focused on wholesale trade of high-margin merchandise that was exclusive to male customers only. By 1985, it had already opened shops in Taiwan and Singapore. Over the years, it began changing its business strategy under a new management team and started selling unisex casual apparel. The store now sells clothes under the brands of “Giordano”, “Giordano Concepts”, “Giordano Junior” and “Giordano Ladies”. It repositioned itself as a retailer of discounted casual unisex apparel with the goal of maximizing unit sales instead of margins, and sold value-for-money merchandise. {text:bookmark-start} Brand values {text:bookmark-end}

Value-for-money: filling a gap in the market for trendy, yet reasonably-priced unisex apparel, reinforcing the positioning with the appropriate marketing communications and the delivery of quality service. Excellence in design: fast and market-driven new product development, due to flat organizational structure, excellent organizational communication and dedication to the needs of customers (e.g., style, fabrics, etc.) Excellence in service: continual commitment to providing excellent customer service and response. This is the result of integration of the corporate philosophy and leadership, service orientation of supporting functions like human resource policies (e.g., selection, training and remuneration of frontline staff) and information systems, and performance monitoring (e.g., regular evaluations of service standards at store level and mystery shopping) Good site selection: Giordano’s location strategy provides a competitive advantage because of its direct impact on ability to generate high volume customer traffic while keeping low margins. Staff personnel: its sales...
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