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Assignment 2 : Marketing Strategies
The primary purpose of this assignment is to discuss the marketing strategies that ‘Giordano’ did in the apparel industry and how it successfully manage to maintain its position in selling collar t-shirt in the apparel industry. Giordano is an apparel store that is owned by Giordano International Limited which the headquarter is in Hong Kong . Giordano International Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1981 by Mr Jimmy Lai. The company has five brands that are Giordano", "Giordano Ladies", "Concepts One", "Giordano Junior" and "BSX". The first Giordano store in Malaysia was open in 1992. Market Segmentation

According to William J. Stanton, "Market segmentation in the process of dividing the total heterogeneous market for a good or service into several segments. Each of which tends to be homogeneous in all significant aspects." (Fundamentals of Marketing, 1994) In another words, market segmentation is a technique used by all business companies to target its product to its potential customers. It identifies the needs and wants of their targeted customers and the company will use those insights into providing products which meets the customer needs. Variables| | The Innocent Individuals| TheEnergetic Individuals| The Stress Individuals| The Established Individuals| Geographic| Region| Malaysia| Malaysia| Malaysia| Malaysia| Demographic| Age| 7-12| 13-19| 20- 30| 30-45|

| Income| Pocket money| Pocket money| RM2000 to RM 5000| Rm5000 to Rm10000| | Sex| Male| Male| Male| Male|
Psychographic| Personality| Pampered and cute| Carefree and adventurous| Stylish and vain| Brand cautious and confident| Behavioral| Loyalty status| None| Medium| Strong| Very Strong | | User status| First timer| Potential| Regular| Heavy| | Usage rate| Light user| Light user| Medium user| Heavy user|

Values Sought By Customers of Giordano
1) Affordable Price
- The attribute “affordable price” is deem important because it enables the teenagers to be fashionable and stylish without digging too deep into their pockets as their income is in a form of pocket money received from their parents. 2) Good Quality

- When the quality of a product is good, it may be able to attract loyal customer. Transforming indifferent customers into loyal ones and establishing a long term relation with customers is critical for organizational success. (Bhardwaj, 2007) 3) Value for money

- In order to attract loyal customer, company needs to provide customer a sense of achievement when they got a good deal for themselves. 4) The interior design of the store
- Fittings room, mirror, hangers and other necessary stuffs should be provided so that customer may be able to feel satisfied and comfortable with the product before they purchase it. 5) Satisfying customer service

-Customer service is important as high quality customer service helps to create customer loyalty. Customers today are not only interested in the product they are being offered but all the additional elements of service that they receive from the greeting they receive when they enter an outlet, to the refund and help that they receive when they have a complaint about a faulty product that they have paid for.

6) Range of sizes of collar t-shirt
-Sizes of S, M, L, and XL need to be provided as different people have different body sizes.

7) Range of colours of collar t-shirt
- Not all customers are the same as some may prefer bright colours and some may prefer dark colours. 8) Fashionable and stylish
- Most teenagers may want to stand out or show their personality not only among their friends but also the fashion world. Thus, a fashionable collar t-shirt is a must. 9) Established brand
- Customer tends to buy clothes from companies that are thrust worthy for their designs and quality. 10) Special benefits given through membership
-Customer may feel even more satisfied as the value...

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