Gin Act

Topics: Gin, Distillation, Ethanol Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: February 8, 2012
After the Glorious Revolution in 1688, the beverage gin began to overtake beer. Soon the distilling of gin was available to anybody that was willing to play taxes. However the government had an inconsistency for their taxation method. The Gin Act of 1736 was an example of the governments many actions toward the distillation of gin. At first the Gin Act imposed a high license fee for gin retailers with a very high gallon tax but within a few years these rules changed. Although there were numerous shop owners and peasants that made their livings off gin, there were many that conflicting views from the community about the restriction of the sale of gin in the 18th century.

There are various documents about the diverse views from the community on the restriction of selling of Gin. In document two Daniel Defoe, who is an author and social commentator speaks in favor of gin by telling the people that gin helps consume the over population of grain for the peoples interest and because of this reason the distilling of gin should be preserved. Defoe is promoting the distilling of gin to people. William Pulteney, a landowner made a speech in parliament in 1736 in favor of the distilling of gin. Pulteney stated that gin was the chief provider for many families and with the help of gin many families could keep their families surviving. Lord Bathurst in 1737 claim gin was necessary because doctors stated that the drinking of gin was healthy and that it provides relief for people. Also because of the conditions of England the relief from Gin was a necessity.

Other documents presents the grimmer aspects about gin. An anonymous distilled liquor in 1736 argued that gin was a menace society because families spend all their money on gin and people are always drunk. From a petition to parliament, County Magistrates from Middlesex expressed that gin destroyed thousands of lives. Gin turns people evil. People were unfit for work, and that they were corrupted in their...
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