Gillette Marketing Strategy

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Assigned by : Prof. Narasimhan Raj Kumar
Sub. By : Reema Ghosh 15, Padmavati 10, Sinto john 19, Sumeet Malhotra 20 Introduction:
The Gillette Company , was founded in 1901 by inventor King C. Gillette. It was a leading international manufacturer of consumer products ranging from electric razors to ballpoint pens. Gillette has three divisions: 1. Safety Razor division (blades and razors)

2. Paper Mate Division (writing instruments)
3. Personal Care Division-PCD (toiletries and cosmetics)
PCD was responsible for Gillette’s U.S. entries in hair care, skin care, and deodrants /antiperspirants
The Brands of Gillette are divided into four rough categories: Build, Hold, Harvest and withdraw.
Mennen and Procter & Gamble are major competitors for Gillette. Right Guard pioneered deodorants for male users in the United States, with a unit market share of 26% by 1967. But because of fluorocarbon scare burst Right Guard lost its overall market leadership in 1976. By mid-1982, Right Guard position dropped to number five in the market and its market share was dropped to 8.5%. White Rain was a shampoo that was introduced as a low price brand in 1952, but it was phased out in the late 19790s. PCD division of Gillette decided to distribute White rain shampoo and conditioner in May 1985 and also decided to promote all three White Rain products(hair spray, shampoo, and conditioner) leading them to success.

Gillette’s Marketing Planning and Control System
Planning and Control System was time consuming. The marketing managers developed long-term plans which are not efficient because companies and markets change periodically .So when you use short term plans it is more efficient. Gillette system was divided into two subsystems, planning system and control system.

Each April the sales planning department and the...
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