Gillette Indonesia Case Analysis

Topics: Strategic management, First-mover advantage, Marketing Pages: 4 (511 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Gillette Indonesia
Case Analysis

Gillette - SWOT Analysis


High Quality Brand
Local manufacturing
50% Market share already
Gillette name means Shaving in
First Mover advantage


Employee ( Manager) retainability
Poor distribution in remote villages


160 million population with 30% living in
Political environment stability
Increasing income
Western influence in Shaving
Increasing work opportunities
Potential to increase the shaving incidents
(compared to HK and Aus)
Growing Supermarket concept


Poor Roads
Communication with remote distributor
Lack of Distribution Service Technology
Cultural Differences within cities
Timely payments from distributors
Grooming products treated as a
Competition with low quality low
priced products
Government policy in import of
Low shaving incidents

Marketing Mix - 4P’s
Wide array of products
basic blade category which targets
low end users
Disposable blades for the middle
income population
System blades for high end and
brand conscious population.

The current distribution network is
to be retained and leveraged to
the maximum.
Indonesia has an annual GDP
growth of 7% with stable political
conditions. Hence an increase in
price may go in hand with inflation
and purchasing power of the

Focus more shelf space in Supermarkets
30% of the population is living in cities
have more access to supermarkets
This will remove the distributer charges
Target more system shaves and high-end

Advertisement on the shaving concepts ( To
increase Goal Red)
To increase shaving incidents
Projecting hygiene
Develop shaving as a culture
Promote the system shaving –contour with
focus on
Encourage new customer and
awareness about the system concept
Upgrade existing

Effio’s plan – How to achieve 27.5%
• The growth in economy, stable...
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