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Gilles Fontaine Dec.9.2010

By:Rutba Rahman

Gilles Fontaine was born in 1948 at Lévis, near Quebec City. He went to school at Laval University in Quebec City. (AstroLab.2006) after he became an “Astroseismologist” which is an Astronomer who studies the internal structure of stars meaning to study the parts inside of the stars, by looking at changes in their light. Gilles Fontaine has won many awards like the BSC Physics award at Laval University in 1969 and the Marie-Victorian Award by the government of Quebec in 1999(Science, 2007).he was trained to study the main part of astronomy called astrophysics, to explain the characteristics of the universe, stars and planets at the university of Rochester in New York. (Fraser, Cain.2009) .He is a world expert on looking at aging stars called White Dwarf stars. A white dwarf star is the end stage of a star; it is about huge as the sun only a little bigger than the earth, it uses up its energy and becomes much smaller. After a billion years the star cools down and dies. Gilles Fontaine makes $97,320 per year in studying white dwarfs.

His first interest took place when he became a star looker at the time he was a teen. Gilles Fontaine states “I wanted to know how stars die”. ( Gilles Fontaine then followed his interest in stars and became to teach university students about the characteristics of the universe, stars and planets. In 1980, Gilles Fontaine made a very big discovery, he created instruments which calculated the universe was around 12 billion years old (Science, 2007). Gilles Fontaine is successful in his career because there are attributes to become an Astronomer who studies the internal structure of stars. The attributes are good communication skills, excellent math skills, problem solving skills, imagination, logical thinking and passion for astronomy-the study of the universe and the objects in it. (Melville.2010)

One of the Technology...

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