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Gilgamesh Reading Response

Upon finishing the book The Epic of Gilgamesh, i believe most people would have some strong feelings about the former king of Uruk. Although the majority of those feelings may include regurgitation, anger, and despise; I on the other hand would like to argue why Gilgamesh was a good guy. Of course Gilgamesh had his flaws, but if you could look past the senseless raping of his own women and the constant fear he placed in the hearts of his own people on a daily basis, Gilgamesh is a relatively stand-up Demigod. It appears to me that Gilgamesh took on the responsibility of being king before he was mature enough to do so. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and if it weren't for Enkidu meeting Gilgamesh, maybe Gilgamesh never would have matured enough to gain the gratitude and praise of his people. Becoming immortal was ultimately what Gilgamesh was striving for, and just like a true hero, he prevailed. His name has lived on utmost of 5,000 years which seems pretty close to immortality.

Gilgamesh befriended a man by the name of Enkidu who most people probably wouldn’t give the time of day based on Enkidu’s unique habits. “Enkidu ate grass in the hills with the gazelle and lurked with wild beasts at the water holes; he had joy of the water with the herds of wild game (Pg.4 paragraph 4). One of my best friendships started with a fight, just as the fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu in which “They broke the doorposts and the walls shook, they snorted like bulls locked together. They shattered the doorposts and the walls shook. Gilgamesh bent his knee with his foot planted on the ground and with a turn Enkidu was thrown. Then immediately his fury died…So Enkidu and Gilgamesh embraced and their friendship was sealed (Pg. 6 paragraph 4). The friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu is what i believe helped Gilgamesh learn and mature to gain the praise of his people. Before Enkidu stood up to Gilgamesh...
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