Topics: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Uruk Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: November 25, 2011
The epic of Gilgamesh is about the ruler of uruk Gilgamesh and his quest to receive everlasting life. Gilgamesh wanted to receive everlasting life because he saw his best friend enkidu die of a slow agonizing death witch lead Gilgamesh to put his own mortality to question.. Enkidu died this death as punishment for the thing he and Gilgamesh did like kill the bull of heaven and chop down all the trees in the cedar forest after killing the demon humbaba. So Gilgamesh goes to the end of the earth to find utnapishtims to grant him everlasting life. Utnapishtims tells him he can have everlasting life if he can stay awake for 7 days Gilgamesh fails immediately and ends up going back to uruk but before he goes back utnapishtims tells Gilgamesh about a flower that restores youth , so Gilgamesh gets the flower but it gets stolen so he leaves with nothing but knowledge witch he shares with his people. The main character is Gilgamesh he is a hero, fiercest of warriors he is two thirds god one third human and has super natural abilities..after seeing his friend enkidu die he goes off on a quest to get him out of the house of dust and gain everlasting life. Gilgamesh had to prove himself many times in the story by defeating challenges that faced him , killing the bull of heaven, when utnapishtim told him to sleep for seven days, getting the flower that restores youth and fighting offa pack of lions that the gods sent after him. The was an abundant presence of mythical beings the sun god, enlil the god of earth ,wind and air, and anu the god of the sky. His journey takes him to supernatural places such as the underworld the twin peaked mountain called mashu and on a boat journey through the waters of death. The story reaches a low point when Gilgamesh’s’ friend enkidu dies also when he failed utnapishtims challenge to stay awake for a week. The resurrection of the story was when Gilgamesh was told about the flower that restores everlasting life. He returns to uruk...
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