Gilded Age

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Gilded Age Take-Home

The Gilded Age was an age of vast transformation for the United States. This period was was an era of vast economic, social, and political growth for the United States. It brought a vast number of immigrants to our shores. This era showed the true meaning of the “American dream” and also the suffering it brought with it. Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant who came to this country penniless became the owner of the Carnegie Steel Company, which became the most profitable company at the time. The Gilded Age was the age of the industrial tycoon where one extravagantly wealthy person had a monopoly of companies with people who worked for wages that would not be enough to get by, working in hazardous conditions, and living in shacks. The United States was transformed from a farming community with small towns to an industrial powerhouse with crammed cities and factories everywhere. The division between the lucrative few and the impoverished majority became wider and wider. The political landscape also experienced a vast change from politicians elected because of their status with the common people to political machines which were fueled by corruption and the businesses with the most wealth.

The Gilded Age was a time of vast economic growth for the United States. There was an overwhelming amount of people coming from across the pond to look for work in hope for the American dream. While in reality very few found it and the rest were living well below the poverty level. The previous United States also welcomed immigrants but the usual immigrants were skilled workers from England, Ireland, and Germany. The economy of the United States changed from agricultural farming to industrial and manufacturing by mass producing. The average citizen earned a wage and bought all of their necessities at the store pre-prepared. In the previous state of America an average citizen would farm and make most of their own goods. Everything in the Gilded Age was...
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