Gifts to the Dark Gods

Topics: Thought, Human, People Pages: 4 (1379 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Interpretation and analysis of Gifts to the Dark Gods by Mary McCluskey by NannaMarch 2013.

When you hear the word “addiction” you will instantly think of addiction as a continued use of a mood altering substance, such as alcohol or drugs. That is the kind of addiction, people mostly hear and talk about. But addiction can also be something you develop through time, a consequence of things you might have experienced or simply just a fun little habit, which has gotten out of control.

When I first laid eyes on the title of this story, I suddenly thought, that it might be a crucial horror story, about a person who sacrificed poor victims to some Satanic God, whom the main character believed in. And I wasn’t that wrong. Surely, the story is not about a cold-blooded murder, who murders to please his or her Master, but it still is about a person, who collects things – material things, not dead people – so she can sacrifice them to the dark gods, so they will leave her alone and not hurt her. If you try to look at Helen as a person who knows her, but doesn’t know her dark secret, you’d probably think of her as the woman who has everything. She has a lovely, strong husband, some happy children and a job where she gets to help bewildered teenagers. The family is a family of virtue and wealth. Her husband is a lawyer; therefore he values morality and legality. He’s a man of principle of firm opinions. He’s the caretaker in the family. Maybe it is right to say, that Helen has everything, but she doesn’t have the “perfect” life. We wouldn’t even think of her life as an ideal life. The kids, the job, the wealth and the husband, yes maybe, but we wouldn’t want to be in her position. We wouldn’t want to live the way that she lives – constantly frightened of the dark gods. Spending every living moment to think of what she has to steal next to please them.

You could look at the text with your Super Natural Goggles on, and say that these dark gods might actually...
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