Gifts of the Nile River

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Nile, Egypt Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Roy Hurst M.W.F. 9:00- 9:50
African American Studies

The Beating Heart

Once upon a time when Homo erectus roamed the rugged plains of Africa, and wildlife fought to keep themselves at the top hierarchy food chain. A time when African lions and Quaggas wandered these never ending hills from dusk till dawn, leaving only footprints in this exuberant ecosystem. Colorful African Cichlids, perch, and tilapia by the tons swam through Africa’s crevices only leaving the beating heart to feed the hungry soul. A time when Egyptian pharaohs inspected irrigation, making sure that when the beating heart started pumping no drop of blood was lost. Who would of thought that a barren wasteland filled with sand and scorpions could be turned into a thriving empire? Even though these times have all but faded the truth behind the success of Africa can all be understood through the gifts of the Nile River. Although The Nile River is still shrouded in opinions, including its length and source, virtually everyone acknowledges that Ancient Egypt and Ancient Africa could have never existed without these massive bodies of water. While the majority of Egypt is still covered in unforgivable sand, the river basin next to the Nile boasts wildlife and fertile soil. In Gifts of the Nile Valley it states, “at times it was a mile deep and fifteen miles wide”(A-V). I’m from Hot Springs, Arkansas and we have Lake Ouachita, which has a max dept of 200 feet and its widest point its merely two miles wide. The Nile is nearly 5,280 feet deeper and nearly twelve miles wider. In Gifts of the Nile Valley it states, “the Nile flows for over a thousand miles through pure desert, receiving neither rain nor joining with another body of water”(A-V). In my mind that’s overwhelming and even hard to fathom, that’s like having a freshwater ocean flowing through your backyard. Growing in their backyards was an array of beans, tomatoes, and wheat supplying civilizations food for over 6,000...

Cited: 1. (A-V) - Afro-Vision “Gifts of The Nile Valley” by Daud Malik Watts & Tony Browder
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