Gifted Hands Book Report

Topics: Ben Carson, Twin, Yale University Pages: 5 (1785 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Gifted Hands: a Benson Carson Story
By: Julia Murtha

While reading this enchanting book, I have realized that I should not let the little things in my life be taken for granted. Ben Carson had a rough child hood, but he was a good kid. As a child he wasn’t the brightest or the richest, but he was a well mannered child. He was teased a lot during his elementary school years, just because he was not the brightest student in his class. He was tired of the constant bullying of his fellow students so, he began to read books. He just kept reading and reading, and the things he read just stuck to him. He became the brightest student in middle school, from the dumbest in elementary. During high school he wasn’t teased for his smarts, yet for his appearance and clothing he wore. He begged his mother over and over again for an Italian shirt. She wished she could get it for him but she wasn’t making enough income. Carson, having anger problems was furious and raised his hand to his mother; however, his brother was there to stop him before anything could happen. Carson still didn’t believe he had anger problems until he almost stabbed his best friend. He was at his best friend’s house just watching TV and his friend changed the channel, Ben Carson changed it back, and his friend once again changed it; Carson’s rage built up and he took out his switch blade and attempted to stab him. The only flaw to that plan was that this knife hit his friends belt and the blade broke. Suddenly Carson knew what had just happened and said sorry and ran home. That night, he locked himself in the bathroom and sat there and cried and prayed for over four hours. After that traumatizing thing happened to him, he started studding even more. His newly found genius led him to a scholar ship to Yale and to Harvard. He chose which one he wanted to attend from an academic debate on television, which the two schools competed in. Yale won, so he chose to go to Yale. When he first got to Yale he thought his classes would be easy; he thought wrong. He started to fall behind, and almost fail chemistry. However, his strive to succeed helped him cram for his chemistry finals. His cramming paid off; he had passed his exam, and passed the class. He had gotten this extraordinary strive to succeed from God. He prayed everyday. He prayed for God to help him pass his exams and succeed in life, and he did. He believed that God wanted him to become a doctor, which was a life time dream of his. During his years of Yale he had met the love of his life; Candy Rustin. She was also attending Yale; however she started Yale two years after he had. During his time in Yale, he was going on broke. He prayed to God and asked him to get money at least to go back and forth to church. God answered his prayers, because the next day walking to church he found a ten dollar bill on the floor. He soon graduated Yale, the following year, with a doctorate.

Gifted Hands: A Ben Carson Story
Parte 2
By: Julia Murtha

The successful outcome of the surgery on the Craniopagus Siamese twins was a life changing event for everyone. The surgery gave the twins a life, gave a mother her children and gave a doctor a chance to accomplish something he had never done before. The twins were only seven months of age when this operation took place.

Dr. Carson did a great job on saving the Siamese twins. The surgery was a success. The twins are healthy and alive because of Dr. Carson’s wonderful surgical procedure. Although, there were higher risk factors than the probability that the twins would have survived he had hope. Many people on the other hand were against the surgery because the possibility of the death of the two little boys. Dr. Carson had never done a procedure like this before hand. There was a...
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