Gift: Family and Mom

Topics: Family, English-language films, Mother Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Gifts have their own way to bring happiness to a people. People usually give gifts to friends and relative to share their feelings. That is one of the ways to strengthen the relationship between two people. Usually gifts give joy and pleasure to the receiver. People usually think that a gift are always tangible, but is that always true? My answer is a big no; I think there are some intangible gifts which show you how to live a better life. I usually get gifts from my friends and relative on different occasions, but the gift which I received from my mother, to respect and care for others, was the best gift ever. My mom has numerous good qualities. She is a very loving and kind person. She is a very hard worker and dedicated towards her work. Everyone who knows my mom likes her a lot because of her ready to help and polite nature. She never loses her courage, regardless of any situation. Even in our bad economic situation, she was helping my dad in his farming work as well. She is my role model. I do recall one incident that had indirectly taught me the most important lesson of my life, which had totally changed me as a person. I consider this as my best gift ever. One day my uncle and aunty had visited our home in India. They hadn’t visited us in long time, and also it was already a lunchtime, my dad had insisted they stay for lunch. My mom was not at home on that day, so dad came inside my room and was looking at me with the hope that I will prepare lunch for them. I have never done any cooking previously except making coffee, which never tested well. Also I do not want to spend my time in cooking for whom I don’t have much bond with. So I told my dad, loud enough to be nearby my uncle and aunt who sat in leaving room. I have no time to prepare food for them. I sounded so rude. My dad did not say a single word to me; he just came out and made a fake excuse to them, but they had already heard the actual...
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