Giant Steps Towards Education

Topics: African American, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 4 (840 words) Published: April 5, 2015

Giant Steps towards Education
You can’t talk about education of African Americans without discussing slavery. Slavery consisted of African Americans being treated inferior to white Americans. Even though slavery has been over for 50 years, people still look at African Americans as less important to black. Today slavery is still impacting our society because people are still prejudice and discriminatory towards blacks. Compared to other races we are still living below the poverty line, don’t have equal job opportunities and don’t have proper education. With that being said, within the last 50 years, there have been great strides in educational opportunities for African Americans. As a result, many African-Americans have been able to attain higher levels of education, including high school and college graduation rates. “Among African Americans age 25 and older, the number who had an advanced degree in 2011 is 1.6 million compared to fifteen years earlier in 1995 only 677,000 blacks had this level of education. The number of black students has risen 2 million from 18 years earlier.” ( This article will be discussing or reflecting on factors that are allowing African American to make great strides in education, areas that needs improving on, and what are the most important factors presently impacting the educational experiences and performance of African Americans.

As an African American student, they have to face the all of the deprivations of college life just like every other student. On top of facing the typical college hardships, African American student also have to keep the possibility of racism and discrimination in the back of their minds. Some black students take the possibility of racism and discrimination and let that discourage them. I believe that if the students had a proper support group, rather its family or church members, they can take those negative things in the back or their minds and use them as motivation. A...
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