Giant Panda

Topics: Giant Panda, Endangered species, Bear Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Intro: Welcome fellow students, teachers, and judges. In 2004, there were fewer than 1,600 pandas left in the wild. You might think that there are a lot of pandas but their 525 million dogs on earth. So there are not many pandas on the earth at all. Who doesn’t wish they could be like a panda for even just one day. Just lay around all day. I started liking pandas once is saw that hilarious video about the mama panda sneezing with her child on her stomach and her little one just jump. Pandas are chubby and their fur is fluffy so who would not just like to hug one like the baby panda. They real don’t do much they basically don’t move but some days you just want to be like that. You also want to go and see one before there is none left on the earth. That is why you should go and see a panda because they are lazy, their appearance, and they are rare.

1: This brings me to my first point. The panda bears appearance is amazing with their natural chubbiness, and their fur is just so fluffy. Pandas look like babies because of they are naturally chubby like babies and who does not think babies are cute. The panda’s fur is so soft that people kill them just to make jackets out of their fur. No other animals have the black spots like the pandas do around their eyes. The panda bear is so unique that they don’t know why pandas look like the way they do.

2: Pandas in zoos really don’t move much they mostly sit around all day. They mostly sit around and eat bamboo shoots or sleep. They only have to move a bit to get their bamboo shoots that are put in their cages. So you might be wondering why you would want to go and see one. Would it not be interesting to go and see one in real life and not just on a screen because everything is better when you see it in person. It is like going to see a hockey game is better than watching the hockey game on TV or on another screen. Would you not like some of your days to just be like a panda that is in a zoo. The only...
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