Giant and Men

Topics: English-language films, Giant, Cyclops Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: September 4, 2014

Battle for Survival

After leaving lotus eating People Island, Odysseus and his men sailed to the country of the giants. They explored the Island. There they found food and drink they started to feast and celebrate with music. Later, a huge giant showed up in the front door. Suddenly, everyone stood still and froze up. The giant immediately grabbed two men threw them on the wall and Said “Why are you stealing my food.”

“Who are you people?”
Odysseus step up front and introduced himself as No-Name. He offered him a drink that only the gods are allowed. Drink after drink he demanded for more and it put him to sleep. Now Odysseus has to make a plan to keep his men from dying and also to escape. By the time the giant woke up he grabbed two more men and feasted on their flesh until there’s no fragment left. Odysseus offered Cyclops another bowl of wine it was able to knock him down but there nothing left. Fortunately, he found a broken tree trunk asked his men to sharpen it and set it on fire. While the Cyclops was asleep they have to do it rapidly and silent before it wakes up. On the count of three Odysseus and his four men immediately pierced the giant’s only eye. He knew that killing him would make him suffer and his men because he is the son of Poseidon. Now they have blinded the Cyclops. He was mad angry and screaming so he lifted the stone door because he knew that the men will try to escape and also his chance to grab them. The sheep’s started to make their way out of the door. Odysseus has decided to hide under the sheep to get out. As soon as all of them got out safely they’ve headed to the ship as fast as they could. He had called out the giant and exposed himself “My name is Odysseus” it made the Cyclops even angrier. He lifted a huge rock and threw it to the ship but he missed he started swearing and yelling. Finally, they have made far away from the island and head home to Ithaca.
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