Topics: Supply chain management, Procurement, Giant Hypermarket Pages: 4 (847 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Chapter 1:Giant’s background

The Giant store brand hypermarket founded by the family factory as a simple grocery store in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in 1944. Its mission was to offer a wide variety of food productions at the fewest possible prices. As its reputation growth, so they did business like hypermarket. Which acquired Giant in 1999, recognizationed that the Giant's key to success had been them can be ability to continuously offer value for business money products. It retained their core principle even as it began transformed Giant hypermarket into a national and international brand for hypermarket.

1.1Operating Environment in Giant hypermarket

Giant's comes from the pricing strategy - all items sold below to the maximum retail price (MRP) and buyers can be take price break on bulk purchasing of a one of the item, made possible by the economies of Giant's large scale operations. Targeted at one small retailer, institutions and large households who require bulk purchases of goods, the Giant shop department experience was intended to make sense for anyone looking for significant price breaks on large purchases. This explains the hordes of retailers who stormed Giant on the opening day to pick up a brand of sunflower cook oil, retailing effectively for at least 25 per cent less than the MRP.

1.2 Financial Performance in Giant hypermarket
After six years of effort, some else included redesigning the hypermarket, the introduction of the unfound products into the Giant hypermarkets, the implementation of international retail standards that includes safety, cleanliness, structured training, and a vibrant shop business environment as well as centralized buying functions and improved operations, the Giant Farm has been made Giant the undisputed leader in Malaysia’s retail sector.

1.3 Organization chart in Giant hypermarket



Chapter 2:supply chain management integrated or fragmented in Giant hypermarket

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