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Ghost: Love and Things

By jadenpotpot Mar 15, 2011 368 Words
Connie Jan Maraan

1. Conflict of the story

The conflict of the story is the way the main character doesn’t want to die. She kept on reminiscing on many things. She felt that she still has many things to do on earth that’s why she kept on telling and reminiscing on many things. Like for example, She said “I miss my senses, or rather can’t get use to having them” this statement is saying that she misses being alive. She misses feeling things “while I know I have lived through them, knowing is not feeling” since she is already dead, she no longer have the senses living people have. Sight, touch, taste, hearing. I think she is bitter that she died knowing that she have many things to do and experience in life. She also missed the feeling of love and her loved one. “Maybe, someday, Tayuman will reward you with a glimpse of my ghost.” This statement of hers is addressing her loved one. As what the story was telling. She was trying to buy a figurine from Tayuman and slabs of concrete fell to them, this was what caused her death. In a biiter sweet way she’s like saying that if her lover would someday visit Tayuman, she wanted her lover would remember her, the spot where she died and the moment the accident happened. I think in this part she is getting emotional. She had so many unfinished things in life, restless with her death but yet optimistic in a way. Remembering and highlighting on the things that was special to her and sentimental.

2. Resolution

I think the main character of the story just needs to accept her death and she needs to move on. There is nothing she can do anymore. As a moral for everyone of us, I think we all should live our lives as if it’s our last to prevent experiencing what the main character did. We should let our loved ones feel that we love them everyday. So that when our day comes we won’t be regretting anything we didn’t do while we were still able to do those things.

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