Ghost In The Darkness Movie Critique

Topics: Actor, The Ghost and the Darkness, Tsavo maneaters Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: March 17, 2015
The movie The Ghost in the Darkness was directed by Stephen Hopkins and produced by the Gale Hurd, A. Kitman Ho., and Paul Radin. The main actors in the movie were Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas. It was released in 1996, and I watched part of it in European History class and finished the rest of it at home. It was a color movie that showed the true story of 2 lions in the African city of Tsavo that terrorized workers and delayed the building of the Kenyan-Ugandan railroad. Most of the depictions of in the movie actually happened in real life back then.

The movie begins with the young Colonel John Patterson being assigned to build a bridge over a river to extend the African railroad. When he gets there, he meets the leaders of the camp, like Samuel, who keep order and keep the workers working on the railroad. At first, the work is going ahead of schedule and the work is going on great. But there is soon a grave turn of events; two lions start attacking the camp and kill many of the workers, and work stops on the bridge. During the rest of the movie, the lions start terrorizing the camp, and the workers refuse to work and leave Tsavo. At the end, Colonel Patterson enlists the help of Remington, and kills the two lions, after many sacrifices and many risks. Eventually, the work resumes on the bridge and everyone is happy.

The main characters in the movie were based on real people, because the movie was based on true events, and the characters, like Colonel John Patterson were mostly accurate in their big aspects. They were also accurately portrayed in their sequencing and their time frame and context. The lions were also real, be because they actually terrorized people in Tsavo in the time period.

The movie was set in 1898 in Tsavo, Kenya. They place was depicted correctly, because at the time, Tsavo was just a railroad place, where the workers camped and worked on the railroad. The movie correctly portrayed the railroad workers correctly,...
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