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Texting essay

Generally we text the people we know the most. We text are friends differently to how we text adults, bosses or who employ use. The reason for this is because we want to sounds more formal to them. Most of the time we text our friends informally because we know them. We reserve and send longer texts to our friends because they have more free time than adults because they are always busy with work; children, cleaning and making the tea so they don’t have much spare time on their hands to text as often as they would like. We generally use lots of features in text messaging such as Punctuation like commas to end an idea or for the person to take a break and think about what they have just read. Sometimes words are shorted like going to “goin” and this is called g clippings; we do this because we are too lazy to type the rest of the word and because the other person understands what you are talking about. Acronyms are used sure as “CBA”. Adults sometimes copy this but don’t know what it actually means like “LOL” adults think it means “lots of love” but really it means “laugh out loud.” We change the way we text people, if they are adults we know or friends we know we text them informally and text longer and more personal messages. But with people we don’t know we text them formally with shorter texts and about business or something important.
The text I received was “hey slut…. Want to come shopping over the weekend lad? We have to have a Nando’s too!! Reply quickly plzz babes!!!! So you okay anyways???? Xxxx” As you can see from this text message there is a lot of punction used and this is because we like to over exaggerate everything we say and we want the person to reply back quickly. We also use emoticon to show emotion and sometimes to show comedy value to show the person this is a joke and you can laugh about it. Sometimes we don’t use capital letters this is because the person understands what we talk about and we aren’t trying to be formal

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