Topics: Advertising, Mecca, Saudi Arabia Pages: 18 (2975 words) Published: September 24, 2013
A Publication of TRANS Asian Research Journals

Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research
Vol.1 Issue 4, September 2012, ISSN 2278-4853

*Associate Professor,
Department of Marketing,
College of Business,
Umm Al- Qura University,
Makkah Al Mukkaramah, Saudi Arabia.
The purpose of present study has been conducted to investigate the impact of advertisement on consumer behavior of university students (N = 150). This paper aims to explore the role of advertisement on attitudes towards buying behavior. A questionnaire has prepared to evaluate the impact of advertisement. The sample data has been collected from of college students of Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah between 18-24 age group. As a whole six brands has been taken into consideration as FMCG’s brand eg. Al-Safi, Al-Marai, Nadec, Jamjoum ,Nada and Saudia. Interviews were made in respect of their co-relations with advertisements. As a result, formulation of chi-square, frequency and binomial test analysis were used and presented in tabular, bar graph, and pie chart format. These results exposed that advertisement attracts towards the preference and choices to influence the consumer buying behavior. The model used therein influenced the consumers more as compared to traditional mode of advertisement. Results also revealed that consumers considered advertisement as a reliable source of knowledge as compared to others, (friend, neighbors, reference group) opinions. Advertisement play a very important role to affect any high or low income group, but expensive products and the repetition of advertisement did not affect the consumer buying behavior. The most preferred brand is Al Safi Milk and second preferred brand is Al- Marai Milk. Consumers were attracted and influenced by the flash of advertisement on the silver screen.

KEYWORDS: Consumer Buying Behavior, Impact of advertisement, College students.
_________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION
Advertising is a growing business in Saudi Arabia today. It has been gaining importance in its economy. The significance of advertising continues to increase year by year. The host of new products marketed, the expenses and the risks involved in launching them, and the low cost of personal selling are among the conditions which have placed a heavy responsibility on the TRANS Asian Research Journals


A Publication of TRANS Asian Research Journals

Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research
Vol.1 Issue 4, September 2012, ISSN 2278-4853

advertising industry. In Saudi Arabia, with its growing productive capacity and output, there is a need for finding consumers for this growing output, and advertising plays an important role in the process of moving the goods from the producers to the consumers. With mass marketing to distribute the output of production, the GDP (gross national product) may increase to a considerable extent. Advertising helps to increase mass marketing while aiding the consumer to choices and preferences from amongst the variety of products offered for his selection and option. It was only in the latter half of the 19th century, that mass advertising, as we know it today, came into being. Mass production became a reality, and channels of distribution had to be developed to cope with the physical movement of goods, creating a need for mass communication to inform consumers of the choices available to them. We are all influenced with advertisements in our day to day life. Its forms and contents both are well liked amongst consumers.. In other words advertising is simply an economic movement with only one objective behind to increase the consumer demand of the product as well as to enhance the sales volumes. Many advertisers and agencies believe that advertising creates “magic in the market place” (Russell & Lane,...
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