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By Monadplisa Dec 20, 2010 564 Words
Monaliza Depina

ENG Basic Composition

Instructor: Carol Pepoli'

Essay 2


Moving away from my family and friends was not easy for me. The day I moved away a lot of things were going through my mind. As I took the last look at home I remember the good and bad times that I had with my family and friends, at the time my main worry was if I would adjust to the environment and I was trying to be strong and hold my tears. Moving away was an experience that change my life as a person, it tough me how to deal with change and to adjust to a new environment.

When I arrived to the United States for the first time, I stepped into a completely different environment and that was when my life started to change. I had difficulty in learning the language and adjusting myself in the new environment also I had complications and challenges at first day of school but With an inspiration and hope, I made an effort to succeed. I tried desperately to prove to my self that I can overcome the language barrier, and that I too am capable of succeeding in the new environment just like the who people came before me . So I spent countless hours studying in the library, trying to improve on my English knew soon enough, my hard work resulted in success. Though my parent's decision to move to America placed me in an unfamiliar environment that stifled me from success, it also gave me a chance to grow into a more versatile person, ready to succeed in any environment.

I learned how to deal with changes, It took a long time for me accept the changes. My main worry was to face the change of culture. Adjusting to a different culture can be difficult for just about anyone. What is necessary for one to feel at home in a new culture and many steps can be taken to help with differences also   many cultural barriers must be addressed before a person can feel at home with a new culture. I begin to realize is that it’s a whole new world out there and in order to survive i have to get accustomed to the new way of life which is much different from my lives before.

Adjust to a new environment and become comfortable can be scared at the unfamiliar surround. What scared me the most was no having complete lacking of knowledge of the English language I failed to understand any given lessons in school or communicate with any of the students in class, that is when I realize that for me to succeed I have to face everything in a new environment. I started to adjust using clothing required participated in club so can improve my English making new friends and I stated to get excited to experience new things. I also realized that I've proven to myself that I can achieve something no one never thought I could and its going to help me succeed in the future despite unfamiliar circumstances. 

Leaving one's motherland for a new country where a different language and culture was not easy however, I had never realized how hard it was to adjust to a new cultural and language environment until I immigrated to the United States.

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