Topics: Civil disobedience, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 2, 2013
"As I delved deeper into the philosophy of Gandhi, my skepticism concerning the power of love gradually diminished, and I came to see for the first time that the Christian doctrine of love, operating through the Gandhi an method of nonviolence, is one of the most potent weapons available to an oppressed people in their struggle for freedom." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (“My Pilgrimage to Nonviolence,” 1958)

Like Gandhi and king, who blended religious faith with profound commitment to social change, Dr. Martin Luther King learned the success and value in peaceful protest that was adopted originally by Gandhi. Gandhi had made a big influence on Dr. King. He believed, from a Christian perspective, that justice would eventually prevail for the black community if people were prepared to stand up and unite in the noble cause of non-violent resistance. King had qwrealized, along with Gandhi, the spiritual truth expressed in many of the world’s religions that hate can only ever really be overcome and eliminated by the practice of love, and by no other means. Other than Gandhi, Dr. King also had many Influences by Bayard Rustin African-American civil rights leader and Henry David Thoreau – writer and philosopher, best known for Walden Pond and Civil Disobedience.

When Mahatma Gandhi was working out his concept of non-violent resistance, he was impressed by Henry David Thoreau’s advice to resist things that were wrong. Thoreau suggested that individuals could resist immoral government action by simply refusing to cooperate. Gandhi adopted many of Thoreau’s thoughts in developing his concept of Satyagraha (non-cooperation), or Truth Force. One of the most significant and tangible effects India has had on life in the United States was Mahatma Gandhi’s influence on the Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, who adapted Gandhi’s idea of civil disobedience to the civil rights movement in the United States. Martin Luther King always paid tribute to Gandhi as one...
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