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Objective: By completing this activity you should demonstrate your ability to (1) identify behaviors and decisions that lead to organizational problems, (2) determine the relationship between behaviors and problems and establish causal factors, (3) identify and utilize resources that can aid in solving these problems, and (4) craft and present a plan for rectifying the problem.

Method: To successfully address a case study you must

▪ Read the case thoroughly to gain a full understanding of the case. ▪ Write a 500- to 750-word analysis of the case including the following elements: o Summarize the main facts of the case. o Identify the central problem of the case and the related problems. o Establish causal relationships among actors, their behaviors, and the situational factors involved in the case. o Propose reasonable solutions using theories and principles from our course textbook and from scholarly research literature. Clearly identify the theory(ies). ▪ Use the APA style manual to format your paper.

Resources: This assignment is NOT a team activity. Working independently, use the course text for basic guidance. The entire text should be considered, regardless of how much progress we’ve made in the course at the time the case was assigned. Search the scholarly literature for contributions.

You may also begin your research by accessing theory clearing houses such as: ▪ ▪

Use the Style Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th ed. to format your papers.

Due Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2007.


|Contributing Factors/Causality |10 |
|Formatting |10 |
|Organization/Clarity |10 |
|Principles/Theories |10

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