Getting Your Employee to Fall in Love with Your Company

Topics: Employment, Corporation, The Work Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Getting Employees To Fall In Love With Your Company

Just imagine that your employees choose to give their incentive bonus back to the company to help pay down the corporate debt, or show up at 6 a.m. Sunday morning for a nonmandatory quarterly meeting. Even more than that, how awed you are to see off-duty salaried employees wash and clean the company’s facilities. Getting Employees To Fall In Love With Your Company written by Jim Harris is definitely a book that helps you to turn your company into the type of place which will attract and retain all the brightest and hardest-working employees. Hence, the company can truly turn the levels of employee commitment and productivity into its distinct competitive advantage. I definitely agree as Jim Harris tells the reader at the beginning that this book is not a “cookbook”, rather it is a “lighthouse” with five powerful principles pointing direction for the managers to create the “employers of choice” companies of every employee in the market. Through balancing their business plans with an equally powerful strategic people plans, companies can keep the dream career alive in the extreme environment. With just about a hundred pages, Jim Harris has been able to capture the audience’s attention by real workplace examples of companies get their employees entertained and committed to the companies. For instance, the “sick and tired award” carried out by the CEO of North American Tool, it not only lets the employees enjoy the monetary award and have a little fun in the workplace, but also motivates them to work harder. Besides, I really like the structure of the book; each chapter starts with why a specific implementation is needed, following by the best practices in real work environment. This makes it easy for us to understand and even adopt the ideas to fit it into the company. Aside from its structure, the five principles written by Jim Harris can very well support the books’ thesis. The basic idea of this book is to...
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