Getting Your Barangay Clean and Peaceful

Topics: Waste, Need, Knowledge Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: June 20, 2013
for starters you can form a group that will have activities to clean your community then have some awareness programs to inform the people in your community how to maintian a clean barangay.

as for peace, its quite tricky. since we need to know the root cause of the breakdown of your peace. once the root cause is known then you can have programs that will resolve the cause the breakdown of the peace. The only way to keep a community clean and peaceful is by the participation and involvement of a majority of the people of the community. When you leave everything up to the government or officials, you 'get what you pay for'. There is much more satisfaction in personal accomplishment and working with your neighbors, by caring for your community's physical needs (cleanliness and good repair). Participating also keeps you knowledgeable about what's going right and what's going wrong. The peace is kept (for the most part) when you know the people in the community and respect them (even if you don't really like them), they will be more likely to behave respectfully themselves. A formal process for dispute mediation by members of the community is a sound way to keep disputes from getting too serious, especially when everyone must have a turn at participating. knowledge and initiatives from the leaders is theprimary needed when the knowledgeable king Solomon became the ruler of israel cleanliness is properly initiated both physical and must start from the ruler or the leaders they must have a clean and honest living first to lead his people and the people will respect his words because it seen in his action before it comes out from his mouth.secondly it also start from you.the rule is you cant change other but yourself to them if they don't want to change nothing will happens when everybody knows this idea clean barangay,organized and peaceful living will attained if not you,who else if not now,when? is you and it is now.. Your neighbors...
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