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Topics: Login, User, E-mail address Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Technology Assignment
Due: Sunday, August 31 by midnight

The purpose of this assignment is to get your year started off on the right foot with the technology you will use in class. This assignment will help you create accounts (all are free!), get organized, and show your competence with the devices, platforms, and accounts. PLEASE NOTE: You may not be asked to provide proof of all tasks, but they are highly recommended to complete!

Please provide proof of completion and submit as directions describe. PART ONE:
1. Proved that you have successfully logged in to your Lex Two email. You do this by visiting ​​
. You
login in information is as follows. Logins are your and the password you logon to computers at school with. (IE- if my username was mwilliams, I would login ​ at the gmail

login screen.) To prove this, compose an email telling me about your favorite vacation to Mr. Williams. (mwilliams@lex2.ORG) (1 point)
2. Prove that you can use Google Drive by creating a course folder. Open up Google drive. Create a folder and share it with Mr. Williams. (you will have to type in my email address to share.) ​ Name this folder your first

name__last name__class (IE- Bob_Smith_US History) ​
PLEASE NOTE: All course work that needs to be turned in
and view by me should be saved here. ​
(3 points)
3. Create a doc in your Google Drive using Google Docs. In Google Drive, click “Create” and then click “Document.” For this doc, write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) about your favorite person from history. ​ Save this

(3 points)
4. Share this doc with Mr. Williams. Make sure that you save & move it to your course folder you created in step #2. Check the settings of the document, make sure that Mr. Williams CAN EDIT the document. ​ This goes for

ALL FUTURE created docs in class. ​
(1 point)

Organization and easy access of sites will make your life less...
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