Getting Over My Embarrassment and Getting My Driver's License

Topics: English-language films, Driving, Driver's license Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: February 24, 2014
It was in 2012, in April It was in the second week of the month I was preparing to get my driver’s license, so on the Monday I went to the tax office to pay for the examination fee so I bought it and the date was April 12, 2012 that was a Thursday so I had time to go over my driving techniques and practice in the back of my yard. So I went home same time feeling good went and set up the cones and hopped in my dad’s car and was driving forward through the cones, reversing well through the cones also I was so proud because I think I was prepared for my driver’s test. So it was the Thursday my driver’s test to get my driver’s license I think was prepared because I had study the driver’s manual and ready for both written test and the physical test. I had a 9:00 AM appointment so I got up my dad was ready and waiting for me because he was too excited for me to get my driver’s license. So we went out to the examination depot on time so I was waiting for my name to call to do the written test, my name called I went in and did the test took 15 minutes for me to complete it I carried the paper back to the examiner he was marking the paper and I was there waiting very nervously biting my nails when am nervous and foot can’t stop shaking until I know what’s going on, he called me up back where he said Mr. Vernon you passed in was so happy when I heard and then he said get your learners permit and car ready to do the yard test. I felt real good and I said to my dad one down one more to go he said you better; So it was the yard test I was out there waiting alone with the other people that was doing there driving test also, the examiner came out of his office with the name sheet, he started calling names my name called so I went in the car nervously, I was to drive through the cones now forward and then reverse, I went forward perfectly then to reverse I flunked hitting one of the cones I was so pissed. But the examiner gave me a chance to make it up by doing the parallel...
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