Getting Married

Topics: Marriage Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: June 17, 2012

Getting married is one of life’s largest decisions. Some people get married for different reasons. Some people get married because of love, age, career, religion, children, and sometimes just to say that they have been married. There are so many questions that you can ask yourself and significant other before making that big step. You may ask questions like are we going to have more children? How do we plan to deal with our finances? Are we going to set boundaries for our in-laws? Who will clean in and around the house? You may also ask what time will we be able to spend alone. Sometimes not discussing these topics will bring a strain on the relationship. Based on your partner’s response, you may end up having second thoughts. Not everyone will feel the same way I do but I think getting married is a waste of time.

The first reason why I feel getting married is a waste of time is because to me the disadvantages out way the advantages. One disadvantage of getting married is not knowing if the marriage will work or even how long it will last. Everybody has their ups and downs but it’s easier to leave when you’re not married. It’s easier to say “I don’t want to deal with this anymore!” I am sure at some point in a marriage there is always that one time you regret being married. Another disadvantage of getting married is not having your freedom to come and go as you please. Some people feel that because they are married their spouse has to check in with everything that they are doing as far as letting them know their whereabouts, shopping, or merely having lunch with a friend. I don’t feel that if I go out with my friends I have to double check to see if it’s ok to spend a little extra cash. I don’t feel that if I go to the mall I have to limit myself because my spouse may not have wanted me to purchase certain things. I feel as long as we both working, all the bills are paid, and we don’t have any outstanding financial...
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