Getting Lost

Topics: Thought, Discovery Channel, Mind Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: February 7, 2012
Getting Lost

How many ways are there for a person to get lost? I am pretty sure there are a lot of ways for a person to get lost. The reason I know this I am already lost in thought of this topic even as I write this. I can even picture a person’s face reading this just having a lost look, just thinking of many different ways and types of ways a person can get lost. There are many definitions on the word lost. Let’s see you can be unable to be found or recovered trapped on a remote jungle Island, or you can genuinely be lost and unable to find your way like a child in an amusements park, and in that sense of being lost you can become confused, bewildered, or helpless. I think that’s a crazy feeling. You can receive that same feeling of confusion, be wilderness, and even feel helpless in a battle of wits or in a discussion of theory sometime in these ways one can lose his respect, and character like a person trying to run for office. You can also no longer posses something of importance or significance like an object like my favorite objects that I usually loose is my remote and the one odd sock I can never find. I just love not being able to find those things. You can also lose a family member that is such a misfortune that feeling can make a person feel defeated. A person can lose his faith that way, and in some cases a person will be willing to lose their soul on trying to bring that person back. Please don’t do that your loved ones wouldn’t want that.

We can also seek great revelations from our lost worlds and discoveries on television as great archeologists on the Discovery Channel, on the History Channel, and some not archeologists not so recognized. It is wonderful looking at those shows like with the new discovery of the lost bones on the find of the new dinosaur that was found to be the largest dinosaur discovered in china said to be larger than the T-Rex, or those archeologist who sift through the sands of time in Egypt...
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