Getting Knowledge from Reading

Topics: Learning Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Getting Knowledge from Reading
Reading is the best way to learn different kinds of things. Such as reading recipe books for making delicious dishes, or learning different kinds of language, or cultures. We are starting learning our children at the age of 1 or less. We always start from alphabets. So that, they can makes their habit to read books. I think which is really good for them. But nowadays mostly people don’t like to read books; they think that it’s very difficult to understand. Teenagers go to the library for fun, but they never read the books moreover, they think books are boring to read. However, for some people books are their life; wherever they go whether in the bus or somewhere else they start reading books, no matter what other people is going to think. Like in this book for these two authors reading is their life. They really think that books are gifts for them are Ricky Moody, who wrote, “The joy and enthusiasm of reading”, and “Alberto Manguel, who wrote, “Reading ourselves and the world around us”. Reading is become a passion for both of them. Moody talks about believes in the books and on the other hand MAnguel talks about the outside world. It gives the opportunity to think about differently and come up their conclusion.

For Moody, reading is his believe he also mentioned when he first started his article that he believe in choosing difficult kinds of books so that he can come up with his own ideas. Moody also mentioned in his article that reading was not an option, “Mr. Buxton, who probably had better things to do, nonetheless agreed to meet one night to go over the text line by line. “The first thing he did was point out the repetition of motifs.” (3) Moody did not give up for that he picks up the other book that intrigued him. Moody main motive is to teach other people that reading your own and come up with your conclusion that can give you freedom to think something bigger. You don’t need anybody to help you can explain you line by...
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