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Student Bio Expo 2012
Submission Template for Electronic Projects
Before filling out this form, choose the “save as” function to rename this document. Label the document as follows:

2-Letter Category Abbreviation_2-Letter School Abbreviation_LastName
For example, Lucy Jones from Eastlake High School submitting a Lab Research project would label her file:
2-letter category and school abbreviations can be found on the last page of this document.
Please read through this form completely before beginning.
After completion, use the “save as” function to save this document as a PDF, if possible.

Part I

Cover Sheet

Student Name:

Tisha Trongtham


Ballard High School

Teacher Name:


Grade Level:




Title of Project:

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

For Drama/Dance, Multimedia, and Teaching categories: enter the URL of your YouTube site here: For Drama/Dance, Multimedia, Music, SeaVuria and SMART Categories: Enter the name(s) of team members, if applicable:

Mentor name, if applicable: Keith Reimer
I understand that I need to supply any special AV or electrical equipment needed for my project (i.e. CD player, DVD player, laptop computer, extension cord).

Part II

Category Requirements


Artist’s Statement

For Art, Drama/Dance, Multimedia and Music, insert your 1-5 page artist’s statement here. All other categories skip to Part B.


Additional Requirements

For this category:

Insert this requirement:


 Photograph or detailed sketch of your art piece. Include a JPEG no larger than 500 KG in size.


 8-12 page Business Plan, Annual Report or Paper.
 Journal, if in electronic form. If not, bring it to the Expo.


5-10 page script or outline of choreography.

Outline of PowerPoint presentation (or save PPT slides as handouts or as a PDF and insert below)

Photograph or

Bibliography: of Genomics and Human Genetics. 10. (2009): 153-174. Print. Diaz, J.. "Inside the Lives of Kids with Progeria." Abc news. 20/20, 2010. Web. 13 Jan 2012 Lustig, Megan, Progeria Research Foundation. Progeria Research Foundation, 2011. Mutation causes early-aging syndrome, Vol. 163, p.260, April 26, 2003, Science News. Reimer, Keith. Personal Communication. 2012. variant in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome." Nucleus. 2.5 (2010): 432–439. Print.

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