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Getmor Family Business
“Another day spent putting out fires”, Łukasz Mroczkowski, the CEO of Getmor said to himself. “That’s it! I can’t go on like this. I have to make some decisions. If not, this constant struggle to get through the day will kill not just me, but any chance the company has for further growth.”

As usual, his initially schedule that morning had something completely different in store for the day. Lukasz came to work in the morning hoping to be able to size up the market situation and pursue development opportunities for Getmor based on recent results. Unfortunately, life has a way of dictating its own terms to the CEO and they are seldom ones that he expects or desires. Around 10 am, Lukasz was dragged away from reviewing sales trends by a phone call. The receptionist had a prospective client interested in the company's products and asked whether she should the call through. The conversation lasted about 40 minutes. He put the phone down annoyed with himself for still not having worked out a procedure for handling prospective clients. Each new caller is put through to him instead of a sales person who could service the client professionally. No sooner had the call ended than the daily grind began. Problems in Getmor’s retail outlets started springing up like mushrooms. And, as usual, Mroczkowski was the only person deemed capable of resolving them. As if all this was not enough, he had to make decisions connected with export sales (new client, new transaction procedures) and the technology department urgently required his assistance. Last but not least, Lukasz had to find time to manage Getmor's export department. And so it went on into the evening.

The events of the passing day made it clear to Lukasz that he had to delegate his domestic sales operations duties, including the retail store network management, to someone else. Lukasz cannot bring himself to appoint a Country Sales Director to take over the CEO’s duties in that area, even though the company has had a Sales Department for several years. For the time being, Lukasz is not only the CEO of Getmor but also the Head of the Sales Department. It is patently obvious that this is far too much work for which one person can cope. Delegating part of the sales work to a Sales Director would mean that Lukasz could finally perform his duties as Getmor CEO much more effectively. He could finally stop worrying about missing out on market opportunities because of his daily routine tasks. Given more time, he might even go a step further and, instead of trawling the market for opportunities, he could go out and create them for Getmor himself. All this, though, requires a clear head. Unfortunately, the decision to appoint a new Sales Director is not an easy one. Getmor is a family business established by Łukasz Mroczkowski’s parents and handing over one of its key areas of operation to a total stranger is emotionally difficult. It is an enormous challenge to trust someone with no family ties to be as committed to the development of the organisation as had been his parents and Lukasz himself. Another important decision regarding the recruitment of the new Director is whether he or she should be appointed from among the existing staff or should the position be advertised on the open job market? From Mushroom Grower to Meat Processing Plant

The story of the Mroczkowskis is that of a typical Polish family business. Their family meat processing plant Getmor is currently run by the founders’ son Łukasz who had gradually taken over the everyday management of the company from his parents. Getmor is classified as a medium-sized company with 144 employees and the organisational structure was becoming more and more elaborate. The family business now consists of two business entities – Getmor, a sole proprietorship set up by Mr and Ms Mroczkowski (Łukasz’s parents) and its daughter company Merca-Meat, a limited liability company established by Łukasz...
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