Get a Mac: Campaign Analysis

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Get a Mac: Campaign Analysis
“Hello, I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC” But who are you? You have been listening to the quirky duo fight for almost two years now, but have you picked a side, are you still on the fence or could you not be bothered? The twosome at the forefront of the ‘Get a Mac’ (GAM) campaign have made it far from easy to ignore, in fact this campaign is proving to be one of a kind. In this paper I will discuss how this contemporary campaign has broken barriers and garnered success economically, culturally and internationally all the while reinforcing its brand and image through advertising tactics despite falling subject to scrutiny. The Advertising Agency: TBWA

With a campaign as big as GAM, it is only fitting to have the world's largest advertising agency behind it. Named ‘Global Agency of the Year’ by ADWEEK, TBWA is the world’s most awarded network and has long-time partnerships with prominent companies such as McDonalds, ADIDAS and Apple. It was just over 10 years ago in 1997 that Apple announced that they have chosen TBWA to be their advertising agency. Guerrino De Luca, Apple's then executive vice president of marketing said this business merge has "renewed Apple's focus on its key customers and markets combined with TBWA Chiat/Day's cutting-edge creativity and true understanding of our brand sets the stage for extraordinary advertising." (Apple Inc.) De Luca's vision has become exactly that for Apple has set the bar in creative advertising with its leading competitors, which have failed to match the success of any of Mac's campaigns, with GAM at no exception. ‘Think Different’

Apple has developed a reputation for running large scale, high profile ad campaigns that have impacted culture and proven to be timeless in originality. I remember growing up alongside Apple's ‘Think Different’ campaign that ran from 1997- 2002. Branded into my youth, it inspired me to become a Mac consumer for it was something so fresh and unique in a sea of standardization. ‘Think Different’ was developed to rejuvenate Apple's image after suffering from a heavy loss (in the millions) in the early 90's. Through its use of celebrities, revolutionaries and thinkers such as Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, and Alfred Hitchcock, Apple has successfully re-established its image of sophistication with minimal attention to its software. The campaign created the image and lifestyle Apple stands for in contemporary society, an image that GAM presents to a new generation of potential Mac enthusiasts. (Hormby) The Campaign

On May 2, 2006, Apple launched ‘Get a Mac’, which now, in 2008, has climaxed to over 50 television and web commercials. The ads consist of two male actors who personify a Mac and a PC in a wide array of conversations, all condemning the excellence of Mac and the devastation of its troubled counterpart PC. Each advertisement is done in minimal detail, against a clean crisp white background embodying Apple's aesthetic theme of simplicity. Its general message to its viewers is to inform them of the benefits of switching to, or choosing a Mac computer and the disadvantages for even considering a PC. Target Audience

At the base of any campaign is determining the target market and evaluating their needs and wants in hopes to fulfill their desires and turn around with a profit. It is through the advertising campaign these needs are communicated. (Leiss et al. 8) Although the percentage of Mac users has significantly grown in the past years, PC users heavily outweigh in comparison given that 95% or so of all computer users own a PC. (Bulik) Surprisingly, Apple advertising supports this minority and appeals to a specific type of group for it appeals to a subordinated market rather than targeting and broadening its audience to the general population. (Garfield) Through this, Mac computers and the lifestyle associated with it has evolved into a novelty. The symbolic value of an Apple consumer is...

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