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Get Up Early in the Morning

By eleanoryang May 01, 2011 726 Words
Life style, an essential part of everybody’s daily life, is the way in which (person who/thing that/place where/event in which) people live. Some people prefer getting up early in the morning and starting the day’s work. Others, on the other hand, enjoy getting up later in the day and working until late at night. Just as the saying goes, “Every coin has its two sides”, both getting up early in the morning and getting up later in the day have advantages and disadvantages. As far as I am concerned, getting up early is more beneficial because you can enjoy a lot of good things, it is good for health and you can take care of everyday works. Basic to any understanding of the advantages of getting up early in the morning is the good things that nature offers in the early morning. It is pretty clear that nature is full of colorful, pretty thing. Imagine, when getting up early in the morning you can enjoy a lot of good thing that nature offers. You can breathe fresh air, smell aroma of flowers, and listen the birds singing in the morning. What a beautiful world! In the meantime, these can refresh our brains and quickly get ready for the day's work. We can immediately concentrate in the work, and solve the problems with great efficiency. For example, when I was in senior middle school, I got up early in the morning every day to go over my lessons and prepare the courses that I would have that day. I found it was so efficient and I memorized my study material so deeply. On the contrary, people who get up late and go to bed late tend to leave all the day's work to the night, and tend to go to bed until the finish the day's work. This is not a good living habit and also not an efficiently way of working. Coincident with concerns about the good things has been its benefit to our health. It could not be denied that health is the basis of people’s work and study. We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our health too much. By getting up early in the morning we can have enough time to do some exercise such as jogging, hiking and swimming, which will benefit our health. Many statistics show that most people who live a long life get up early and go to bed early. While getting up late and go to bed late violates human biology and therefore will do harm to the health. And people who get up late never got a chance to do morning exercise. Besides, the body's cycle follows the nature: when the sun rises, it is time to get up; when the moon rises, it is time to go to bed. It is reported that people who get up early tend to live 3 to 5 years longer that those who do not. While getting up late and going to bed late violates human biology and therefore will do harm to health. Matching the good things and its benefits to our health is another essential factor, the order of our work. Nothing is more helpful for a good beginning of a day than to get up early. And a well begun is half done. For example, if everyone in the family gets up early, wife will have enough time to prepare the breakfast for the whole family, children will have enough time to catch the school bus, husband will never forget to change his dirty shirt. Everything is on the order. Similarly, these reasons are also usable when we consider getting up later in the day. Admittedly, some people who work until midnight and get up later in the day claim that working in the midnight is more efficient and can make them concentrate on work without distraction. By the same token, however, the advantages of getting up early carry more weight than those of getting up later. To sum up, taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that getting up early can benefit because it offers a lot of good things, good health and order. Therefore, I prefer to get up early in the morning and start the day’s work.

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